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ROMCARBON S.A. is a prestigious brand, recognized on both Romanian and European plastic processing market. We have a tradition of over 50 years in polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, polystyrene processing but also in producing filters and protective materials. We can supply:1. Expanded polystyrene packaging trays(Standard/ regular trays, catering trays, absorbent trays, extruded polystyrene panels for floor insulation) Currently, our product range includes the most common models for catering applications, and over 40 models of standard and absorbent trays Applications: packaging of meat and meat products; fruits and vegetables; bakery products; fast food and catering. Following the investment made in this sector, we are currently able to produce over 6000 to of EPS processed items/ year.2. Small Poplypropylene bags Coated or un-coated polypropylene bags, polypropylene bags with PE liner, polypropylene bags with valve, coated/uncoated polypropylene fabric, polypropylene strapping tape)With over 4800 to of PP processed items/year, ROMCARBON S.A. is leader on the Romanian market of small PP bags. The bags we produce have a sacking capacity of 5 to 50 kg. Our company offers to its partner’s consultancy and individual support in choosing the most suitable types of bags.3. Polyethylene film, bags(Polyethylene film for agriculture, polyethylene film for constructions, polyethylene film for mulch, transparent polyethylene film for plant germination, anti-dripping bags, bags and covers for fruits, thick, thin sacks and bags, general use polyethylene film, polyethylene foldd sheet for packing ( cover-type) and thermo shrinkable covers )ROMCARBON S.A. is the first Romanian producer of a multistrat film with wide range of width, between 2 and 12 m and thickness between 0,1mm (100 microns) and 0,2mm (200 microns); We have the advantage of providing a new technology to our Romanian vegetables growing; The multilayer film has a physic- mechanical resistance to weathering ( rains, winds, snowing) 40% higher than the monolayer film which is currently produced by other Romanian manufacturers ; The UV treatment provides resistance against sunlight for one, two or even three seasons ; The wide range of widths ( 8m, 10m or even 12m) allows the setting on the solarium structure at the same time, according to which the attachment of several pieces there’ s no longer required; Yearly, we are producing over 3600 to of PE processed items.4. Automotive and Industrial filters(Air filters, fuel filters, oil filter, cabin filters, industrial filters for equipment, machines, compressors, agricultural machinery, railway, naval and industrial engine, etc) ROMCARBON S.A. is one of the first manufacturers of automotive filters in Romania. The manufacturing lines in this sector produce air, oil and fuel filters for various brands of automotives, and also filtration systems for various types of industrial equipment and machinery. Our manufacturing lines have the capacity to give rise to over 6.000.000 pieces of filters, each year.5. Breathing protective materials & Active Coal(Gas mask with a single filter cartridge for gas, semi-mask for powder, isolated mask with free aspiration of the clean air, filter cartridges for gas mask, mask for self rescue for miners, regenerating cartdridges, military gas mask and gas mask for civil defence use, filters for ventilation equipment) ROMCARBON S.A. is the sole producer of breathing protective materials in Romania. ROMCARBON S.A. is also the only company in Romania that can retrieve the waste for recycling charcoal in ecological conditions and in strict compliance with the legislation regading environmental protection. The Active carbon properties are to fix and retain noxae as a result of a special process.6. Plastic Compounds(Regenerated raw materials, such as: PP, PE, PS, ABS; Compounds, such as: filler, colored compounds with or without glass fiber)The products we obtain inside this section are belonging to two categories: regenerated raw materials and compounds made of virgin polymers.We are now able to provide to our esteeme cutomers, the following products:Regenerated raw materials• Regranulated PP• Regranulated PP with elastomers• Regranulated PP reinforced with mineral filler• Regranulated PS• Regranulated ABSCompounds made of virgin polymers• PP reinforced with mineral filler (up to 80%) natural or colored• PP reinforced with glass fiber (up to 30%) natural or colored• PA reinforced with glass fiber/beads (up to 30%) natural or colored• Compounds based on other polymers and with a tailor made additive package: flame retardants, UV stabilizers, impact modifiers, elastomers etc.7. PVC road indicators In ROMCARBON S.A., there is a PVC sector where we succeed in giving value to wastage that, till recently, was thrown away as garbage. Out of the fractions resulting from recycling electrical and electronic equipment we produce base road indicators, required by customers in the country and abroad. Certificates and Standards: Our Quality Management System meets the high standards of ISO 9001:2008. In addition, we are certified ISO 14001:2005 for environmental system. We also have implemented the standard OHSAS 18001: 2007 for occupational health and safety system. ROMCARBON has all necessary certifications in order to attest the compliance of our packaging with alimentary products, the test analysis revealing the fact that our PE, PS and PP processed items are “heavy-metal free”. Moreover, for PP bags we are certified by LABORDATA –Germany regarding the hazardous substances carriage. The XPS panels used for floor insulation have technical approval in order to be used in construction field. The filters produced by Romcarbon are certified by AFER and RAR. Furthermore, for our air filters, we have implemented the standard ISO/TS/16949. The Breathing protective materials are evaluated and certified according to EU directives, regarding individual protective equipment, regarding the security requirements of those equipmets and the conditions for placing them on the market. These products are certified by the National Research and Development Institute of Occupational Safety (INCDPM) - "Alexandru Darabont" and also by the National Institute for Research and Development in Mine Safety and Protection to Explosion (INSEMEX). Also, our masks and cartridges based on active coal filters are certified OHSAS 18001: 2007. The Active carbon produced inside Romcarbon’s factory is attested for alimentary contact, according to the test report analysis BI 3414/05.11.2005. Our internal filter Laboratory is accreditated by RENAR.


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Developer, Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader

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Food: Grains
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ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO/TS 16949, LABORDATA Certification

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$ 10,000,000 - $ 100,000,000